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soft notice board Size : 3’H x 6’W


Contact : Nelson (014-2008800)
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Product Description

Soft Notice Board 3’H x 6’W

• White colour Soft surface
• Convenient to display notices
• Easy to pin up notices
• Can be mounted on optional stand for easier mobility
• Available in wooden frame

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Contact : Nelson (014-2008800)
WhatsApp & Wechat ID : Kt0142008800
Fax: 03-62045674
Email : [email protected]

Soft Notice Board description: magnetic white board is the best office equipment and best selling for office supply.  whiteboard Eraser for Whiteboard.  meeting is complete without a dry-erase whiteboard to take down notes or highlight important points. Choose the right size for your office or conference room. Soft Notice Board

Soft notice board is a low-density compressed fibre board finished & sealed on one face with a light pale tan coloured paint. It is not intended for use as a notice board and does not hold a pin as securely as  Pinboard. The main use of this product is for heat and sound insulation and is often used as a lightweight underlining to improve the insulation and appearance of old ceilings. Another use is for it be incorporated into a party wall or internal partition wall to reduce transmitted noise or heat loss.

For less demanding use soft notice board is available which is designed to hold a drawing pin effectively. This is a lower cost alternative that is usually adequate for home or light duty office use. It is finished with a Yellow emulsion paint and can be repainted with a colour of your choice.

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